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Host Responsibility and Off Licence

We operate our Cellar Door and online sales under Off Licence 44/OFF/003/2014, which is issued in the name of Ata Rangi Ltd, and expires 12 March 2017. (Click to view a PDF).

Host Responsibility Policy

 The good management of the Ata Rangi Cellar Door is reliant on the knowledge of the Cellar Door staff and the safe environment that they provide for all customers.


Ata Rangi's Off Licence allows us to offer you a tasting of Ata Rangi wine.  You are able to purchase wine to take away or we can arrange for courier delivery within New Zealand.  We cannot sell you wine to consume on site.


We take our responsibility to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 very seriously.

  • We serve alcohol responsibly or not at all.


  • If we are unsure of your age we will ask for ID. Acceptable forms of proof of age are a current driver’s licence, HANZ 18+ card or a current passport.


  • Staff are aware of the signs of intoxication and will not serve alcohol to intoxicated persons. You will be offered water, and it may be suggested that you leave the premises, in which case we would encourage you to take advantage of safe transport options.


Green Jersey Cycle Tours & Bicycle Hire – 0210 746 640


Martinborough Shuttles – 06 3066 090


As good hosts we trust that you will enjoy your visit to our premises. You are requested to act in a responsible manner whilst on the premises and not disrupt or cause offence to other customers or staff.

Refusal of service should be viewed as an indication we are concerned for your welfare. Our staff are obliged to comply with their legal obligations under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.